When You Hunger For Success

Nothing was more upsetting than the day I realized I had to cut the umbilical cord and allow another one of my son’s to venture into the world unprepared for life.  As your mom that was the saddest day for me!  I fought a good fight!  But the natural instinct to be a man won over the wisdom of a loving mother that desired successful son’s.

With a downcast heart I’m using this moment to write about a recent conversation I had with one of you.  I am sadden from hearing the news that one of my son’s has chosen to become a petal blowing in the wind.

I realize the methodical move of your brother to surface is a cry for help.  However, at this time I must sit back and allow his choices, his consequences, and his failures to teach him what I could not.

I have taken him as far as my love, my knowledge, and my life experiences could carry us both as parent to child.  Now he must learn what it truly means to be hungry for success if he plans on making something of his life.



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